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We Are A Christian Bible Church dedicated to preaching the Truth and Reaching the Lost!

     Alethia is the Greek word for TRUTH. 
The Alethian Christian Church is a Church that believes in the truth.


1)  The Word becomes flesh and becomes the Son of God who builds the Church.

2)  After the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus,
the Apostles begin to preach the Gospel and build on the Church.

3)  After the death of the Apostles, Bishops appointed by the Apostles continue in the work and teachings of Christ and the Apostles.  Bishops like Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius, Ireanus, and many others write to the Churches quoting scripture and encourging the Churches to continue as instructed by the Apostles. 

4)  By the 3rd Century the Roman government adopts Christianity.  It then begins to form the government Church.  This government church is rejected by many Bishops and Pastors.  Yet, many bishops do accept and adopt this role of government.  While persecution is subsided, many false teachings and doctrines are adopted, strengthened, and enforced by this government ruled Church for the sake of peace.

5)  Those who refused this role of the government believe only in the Ante-nicene church fathers and reject the doctrines taught after the Successors died.

6)  The Alethian Christan Church agrees with the Ante-nicene Church and also rejects teachings taught after the government run church.

What makes Harvest different:

1)   We hold fast and firm to the teachings of the original Scriptures. We use credible sources like the original Greek, Hebrew, Chaldean, and Aramaic Texts to allow us to get the full understanding and meaning of the scriptures and the teachings of Christ.  We do not rely on the English translations.  While we believe the King James and other english translations are well, there are errors found in them.  This does not take away from them being the WORD of GOD, for these translations still hold to the centralized message of the Gospel, we believe they should not be relied on for doctrines. 

2)  We receive and hold to the teachings of the Apostles as confirmed by their immediate successors.  Any teachings adopted by the mainstream Christianity that do not line up with text are rejected.  Systematic man made doctrines such as Calvinism, Armeanism, Dispensalism, and any other ism's that were adopted after the Apostles and the immediate successors are rejected. 

3)  We believe in the sacraments.  We believe the sacraments found in the Holy Scriptures.  These are the following the Eucharist, Baptism, Confession, Works, Laying on of Hands, and Prayers for the sick, lost, and persecuted.  We believe these sacraments are to be administered and practiced by the believers.


1)  We do not believe being Alethian is the way to be saved.  While we take joy in keeping and holding to the truth of Christ, it is Christ and Him Alone that saves a person.  A person must make a personal confession to Christ, be Baptized, and start their life in Christ to be Saved.  Being an Alethian does not save you if your heart truly is not serving our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.  A person must love Jesus more than the Church, the Bishop, the Pastors, or the People. 

2)  We do not beleive we are the only True Church.  While again we take joy to hold to the truest of doctrines and teachings, there are many Bishops and Fellowships that have such deep sincere and love for God's true word, Fellowships that have rejected many mainstream Christian theology and come to the original orthodox teachings of the 1st Century Church.